There have been changes

We were a portal , now we are almost a magazine: come with us as we explain the road travelled, the projects under construction and all the plans and proposals for the year 2007

"Cagliari in corto" has travelled a long way. A fun-filled journey from the multi-hued film festival to the prestigious school for cinema "Circus" and finally to "Cinemare" an ambitious multimedia project, an eclectic mix of an internet launch, televised series and a live event. It is common knowledge that our objectives have always been: to highlight the value of the island of Sardinia and the city of Cagliari through cinematographic exposure, to offer a window to young directors and to create a meeting point where artists can exchange points of view and enrich their experiences.
This year onwards " Cinemecum" will be our cinematographic "agora" with un additional motive : to surpass the boundaries of the island and to connect to the world through a comparison of different cultures and experiences.

We have always believed that Cagliari, the "city of sunshine", is not only ideal headquarters for a cinematographic centre and for a school of cinema, but also a magical "location" and a perfect backdrop to films.
Its been eight years since we have commenced a battle of words and incessant requests to convince our political representatives to consider cinema not only as a part of art and culture but also as an economic resource. Now finally, thanks to the blossoming of various production houses here, Sardinia has its own legislation for cinema. We are at the very beginning and we still have to walk a long tedious road. This year "Caliari in corto" doesn't feel isolated anymore. The municipality has decided to support "cinemecum" and has demonstrated its strong belief in cinema as an instrument to promote tourism and economic growth.

We have been enriching the website with addresses, links and information, with particular focus on "location" in order to provide a one point reference to all the production houses that intend to choose Cagliari as a set for publicity and cinematography. We have filled our calendar with dates, competitions, reviews and data and million other knick-knacks to the service of professionals and hobbyists alike. The site will be a showcase for all those who would want to send us their work. Simultaneously it will also be a didactic laboratory for all artists.

We have also just launched Cinemecum as an e-magazine to promote cinema and to facilitate the spread of film/cinema based information throughout the world. We start with Sardinia, from our basic identity to put Cagliari on the map, at the centre of an ideal archipelago composed of all the islands of Mediterranean. We intend to forge solid relationships in between these islands in order to create a common island identity by organizing events and initiatives that puts them under the spot light to the world.
We are working to become a crossroad, a meeting point of sorts, of comments, of ideas, and initiatives. Our interviews of Antonio Ciano from Selfcinema and our articles on the problems of cinematographic distribution are the first examples of how we intend to go about our trying task.

To all our readers- to all those who already know us and to all those we will eventually conquer- we invite you to celebrate your passion for cinema because we believe that passion and participation solve problems and make things happen
Tell us what you need. Follow our lead, read us and please participate with your ideas, letters and reviews. The rest, as you already know, is "nothing but a lot of talk and a badge..."


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